Safety for your hoist unit

In some countries, owners of powered rope and chain hoists are obliged by regulations to check them at least once per year. According to the relevant regulations, in Germany BGV D 8, para. 23 and para. 23a, as well as BGV D 6, para. 26, the used share of the theoretical duration of service must be determined and documented.

How you can achieve safe working periods

When the safe working periods (S.W.P.) are continuously determined and any required general overhauls (GO) are carried out by our Jack Haul Service, you can be certain to have a reliable overview of the remaining duration of service of your installation. Safety comes first in materials handling installations. However, ageing and wear may result in considerable risks in the course of time. You can effectively prevent such hazards by means of diligent checks.

If you are responsible for safety, you should always know the following for every one of your hoists:

  • what loads the hoist has been subjected to,
  • how much work it can still do.

Our service tool Safe Working Periods(brief: S.W.P.) considerably facilitates this task. This software for commercially available Windows PCs gives you an overview of the remaining duration of service of your hoist units.

  • Up-to-date information about the remaining duration of service
  • Detect hazards caused by material fatigue at an early stage
  • Favourable scheduling of preventive measures
  • Plan in advance when general overhauls or procurements are due
  • Comply with the regulations of the Industrial Employers? Mutual Insurance Association (Germany)
Our latest version S.W.P. 5.1 odders the following features:

  • Simple installation
  • Beginner and expert mode
  • Templates
  • NEW HTML help format
  • Automatic default values
  • Copy and paste function
  • Extensive print function
  • NEW digital signature
  • Graphical user interface under Windows XP /WIN7/WIN8/Win10
  • Administration of several hoists with all test-report in only one file
  • NEW also runs with Win 10 (32/64-bit)
  • NEW Administration of technical experts/authorized responsibles
  • Import and export functions (SWP data base / SWP document)
  • NEW submit your own company logo (optional)
  • Extensive help function with explanation of the legal principles
  • NEW GO (general overhaul) … print parts and measures directly

You can reach the download area using the Log-In button and your access data.


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