Inspection & Maintenance

Smooth and reliable. To ensure your equipment delivers performance.

With our tailored solutions for inspection and maintenance, we help you to ensure that your equipment offers the performance you need: regular and reliable performance for optimum equipment availability and a high level of safety for owners and operators. We only work with qualified specialists who have a wealth of experience – and who are not only familiar with our own products. We offer inspection and maintenance work for cranes, hoists, load handling attachments or other related equipment from Jack Haul or any other brand.

Maintenance and inspection is carried out according to our specifications, which are based on relevant local regulations.

Prevent malfunctions

Normal use of any equipment will result in wear of components, which may cause malfunctions. We can carry out inspections of your equipment to prevent any potential malfunctions as early as possible – to enable damage or wear to be identified and eliminated in good time.

 Scheduled maintenance

In addition to inspections, equipment must be maintained regularly and appropriately by trained personnel in line with the specified deadlines and checked according to their maintenance schedule. We can also take care of that for you. Wearing parts are replaced in good time, any dirt accumulation is removed, oil and grease can be refilled – to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as a matter of course, we only use genuine spare parts.

Short response times

Thanks to the wide coverage provided by our network of skilled service teams, we can quickly reach your site – for regular inspections and also in an emergency.

Deadline management

In the scope of our service agreements, we can help you to meet prescribed deadlines. We will contact you to confirm an appointment for the next inspection deadline.


Service agreements offer optimum care throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment – for optimum safety, reliability and availability.


Professional Crane Audit (PCA) provides you with a comprehensive picture of the current condition of your crane installation.


Regular surveys of your crane runways and crane geometry carried out by our specialists help you to ensure maximum reliability in production.

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