SWP Calculation For Hoists

Our SWP calculation provides you with reliable information on the remaining service life of your chain and rope hoists. We calculate the loads lifted by your hoist and the elapsed share of its theoretical duration of service, which enables us to guarantee the remaining safe working period (SWP). These checks can be carried out for any chain or rope hoist brand, since we have extensive experience of all products.

Legal compliance

As an owner and operator of rope and chain hoists, you are required to check them at least once per year according to relevant regulations. The elapsed share of their theoretical safe working period must also be calculated.

Maintaining safety

Safe and reliable load handling is of prime importance in materials handling installations. Ageing and wear, however, can easily result in hazards, which may become highly dangerous if they are not addressed in good time.

Further benefits

  • Reliable and up-to-date information about the remaining duration of service
  • Early detection of hazards caused by material fatigue
  • Efficient planning of measures

Early notification of any required general overhaul or replacement

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