General Overhaul Directly


    • Your equipment is only out of commission for a short time
    • Work can be arranged to suit your schedule
    • Contact partners direct on site
  • Adjustment possible on all parts

General overhaul at the Jack Haul Repair Centre

If required, we can also perform general overhauls of all types of rope and chain hoists at our Jack Haul Repair Centre at our factory in Chennai, Pune.


    • Short turnaround times
    • Cost estimate at no charge and report on the current condition of the technology
    • 125% full-load test already in the Repair Centre
    • New paint finish
    • Disposal of old parts free of charge
    • Comprehensive documentation
  • General overhaul prices including the replacement of parts needed for the general overhaul in the Jack Haul Repair Centre

General overhaul sets

For the various Jack Haul hoist types, we have precisely defined the parts to be replaced and combined them to form specific general overhaul sets.

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