Crane Selection

EOT Crane is a capital equipment whose life is minimum 20 years so due consideration should be put in before placing the order.

Reva considers cranes as a Roof of a Building, if there is productivity loss due to crane then the whole purpose of buying a crane is lost. Cranes should be Maintenance free, Maintenance-friendly, Spares should be readily available.

The problem of selection aggravates since in India Cranes are available from Roadside vendors who have negligible investments to European manufacturers who have more than 100’s of years of experience in building cranes. So accordingly there is huge price variation available in the product. It further aggravates because of the large landscape of India. A customer is always in doldrums as to buy from a local manufacturer or from a faraway reputed manufacturer.

The problem in buying decision

  1. Price Variation : Roadside vendors to European Manufacturer which one to choose from
  2. Local or reputed : which suits me
  3. Shortlisted : but which one choose, when the price difference is not much

Use this 5 method approach

  1. Stability and reliability : The stability and reliability of your crane manufacturer is of importance, since the crane is designed to run for minimum 20 years, one should analyse whether the crane vendor will survive till then or not, so that the availability of spares is not a problem later on.
  2. Manufacturing Capability : The quality of an equipment depends on the quality of the machines used to manufacture that equipment. Use of unmaintained old machines, will produce cranes components outside the tolerance levels and hence will cause problems at a later date. So look for a company having enough manufacturing capability.

Infact do visit their works and have proper vendor registration process done for your crane purchase.

  • Proven Expertise : Each crane is customised and special in one or the other feature, check whether your crane manufacturer has proven record for the type of crane you are desiring.

Check for which other clients is the crane company working for, which other clients have approved them.

  1. Customer Service : The best way to know about a company is their customer service, ask for the records of no of complaints received, frequency in which the complaints were resolved. Whether there are any repeating complaints.
  2. Cliental reference : ask for clientele reference, talk to the user and find out whether the cranes are working fine or not.

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